Pybrary.Plot is a C# / .NET library designed for simple X/Y graphs and plots. It has the following capabilities:

Pybrary.Plot requires .NET 2.0.

Although it is poorly documented at this point, it is a neat piece of software that is easy to understand and modify to suit your needs.



A ClickOnce demo of Pybrary.Plot is available. This will allow you to view some simple demo plots, and manipulate them using the user-interface. You can see how the plots respond to window resizing and zooming.

Click here to begin running the demo.

Download Latest

The latest release of Pybrary.Plot is, released November 27th, 2006.


Currently there is no documentation available for Pybrary.Plot. You can get started using the library by reading the included Pybrary.Plot.Demo source code, which shows off a few different types of plots.


Version, 2006-11-27

Version, 2006-11-27

Source Code Repository

Pybrary.Plot is distributed under the terms of a modified BSD license. The complete source code and history is available through a git repository for anyone who is interested, at